Meet Eric Miltz, our Customer Account Manager

Eric has been with Omega since 2017 and we're glad to have him aboard! He has 30 years of manufacturing, sales and customer support experience and you won't meet a nicer guy. In order to serve our customers, he believes in developing long term relationships with open communication to fully understand what customers want. This way he can get you the best parts with the best service. If you need a job quoted you can reach out to Eric at 704-597-0418.

Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200s CNC turning center

Meet the newest member of the OMEGA family of machines, the Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200 CNC Turning Center with Quick Load Servo 80 S2 Bar Feed. This machine combines productivity, high-accuracy, and high-reliability, to provide the performance you have been looking for. The Mazatrol Smart CNC System is designed for easy operation and programming. Additionally, our CNC System can utilize both EIA/ISO format program codes and conversational programming.


  • Maximum swing 26”
  • Maximum machining diameter 14”
  • Maximum bar work capacity 2.600”
  • Maximum machining length 21.035”
  • Main spindle chuck size 8”
  • Max speed at 5,000 RPM
  • Turret has 12 tool station

It is our philosophy that adding new equipment will allow us to be more efficient and serve a more diverse customer base. Due to our highly-skilled workforce utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we can better serve our customers with high quality parts on time with competitive and affordable pricing.

Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100s CNC turning center

Omega has recently purchased a Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100s CNC turning center. This machine will increase the quality and throughput of our CNC turning department. The Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100s has a 6" chuck capable of spinning up to 6000 rpm. It can machine parts up to 11" in diameter x 12.15” in length. This state of the art new machine’s true beauty is the ability to machine small and medium sized parts easily and efficiently. The Quick Turn Smart 100s has a highly rigid integrated spindle/motor design which can consistently achieve turning tolerances of .0005”. We program on the machine with the Mazatrol conversational programming language which shaves off time typically needed to program new parts. The Tool Eye automatically measures and compensates for all tools before use which again saves time. Omega is excited to use this advanced machine to make better parts faster.

Welcome Ron Morton

Ron Morton moved here from California with over 25 years of experience. He has worked in many different capacities for previous employers including supervising other skilled employees. Ron works in the Omega tool room, where his attention to accuracy and detail is a huge asset. He provides a unique and progressive approach to the challenging work we do at Omega Manufacturing. We are so glad to have him on our team!