Laser Engraving

Let Omega engrave part numbers or customer logos directly onto your machined parts!

Omega’s Epilog Helix Engraver has the capability to engrave on a number of different materials, including most plastics, steels, and stainless parts. One of the best looking engraved finishes is on anodized aluminum; so while we can not engrave on aluminum directly the laser can burn through the anodize for a beautiful engraving job.

Our Laser Engraver is best suited for parts falling within a work envelope of 12″x8″x9″ (sometimes larger depending on shape). Engraving part numbers and logos is essential to many jobs. And when it comes to engraving there are options, the least expensive of which is using a vibratory pen or chemical etcher. While this is the least expensive for just a little more you can get a higher quality laser engraved part that looks professional. Also laser engraving is still less expensive than machine engraving and much faster. We can usually laser engrave a part number for a $30 set up charge and then $1.00 each for plastic or anodized parts, and then $1.50 each for steel or stainless steel parts.

We are pleased to be able to offer this additional service to our customers!