June 2017

Omega has recently purchased a Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100s CNC turning center. This machine will increase the quality and throughput of our CNC turning department.

The Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100s has a 6" chuck capable of spinning up to 6000 rpm. It can machine parts up to 11" in diameter x 12.15” in length. This state of the art new machine’s true beauty is the ability to machine small and medium sized parts easily and efficiently. The Quick Turn Smart 100s has a highly rigid integrated spindle/motor design which can consistently achieve turning tolerances of .0005”. We program on the machine with the Mazatrol conversational programming language which shaves off time typically needed to program new parts. The Tool Eye automatically measures and compensates for all tools before use which again saves time. Omega is excited to use this advanced machine to make better parts faster.



January 2017

Ron Morton moved here from California with over 25 years of experience. He has worked in many different capacities for previous employers including supervising other skilled employees. Ron works in the Omega tool room, where his attention to accuracy and detail is a huge asset. He provides a unique and progressive approach to the challenging work we do at Omega Manufacturing. We are so glad to have him on our team!








Are you being asked to engrave part numbers or customer logos directly onto your machined parts? If so, let Omega put our Epilog Helix Engraver to work for you. Our Engraver has the capability to engrave on a number of different materials, including most plastics, steels, and stainless parts. One of the best looking engraved finishes is on anodized aluminum; so while we can not engrave on aluminum directly the laser can burn through the anodize for a beautiful engraving job.

Our Laser Engraver is best suited for parts falling within a work envelope of 12"x8"x9" (sometimes larger depending on shape). Engraving part numbers and logos is essential to many jobs. And when it comes to engraving there are options, the least expensive of which is using a vibratory pen or chemical etcher. While this is the least expensive for just a little more you can get a higher quality laser engraved part that looks professional. Also laser engraving is still less expensive than machine engraving and much faster. We can usually laser engrave a part number for a $30 set up charge and then $1.00 each for plastic or anodized parts, and then $1.50 each for steel or stainless steel parts.

We are pleased to be able to offer this additional service to our customers.






Welcome aboard Nate!
February 2015
Nate, a Charlotte native, has been fascinated by manufacturing throughout his life. He entered the Apprenticeship 2000 program at a division of a swiss manufacturing company, completing his apprenticeship in 2001. He then worked as a journeyman machinist. He has held positions coordinating work flow through the shop, and doing some purchasing and quoting. He came to Omega to get back to the bench and to the machining work he enjoys.












Highly Recommended Hire for Omega!
December 2014
Omega has hired Nick Sway who comes to us from a valued customer that recently moved its facility from here in the Queen City down to Alabama. Nick came highly recommend by the engineer we worked closely with there who thought Nick would be a great fit in our tool room. We are enthusiastic about the years of machining experience Nick brings. Nick will be primarily working in our manual machining department, where his expertise and attention to detail will be utilized making precise custom parts for our customers. We are excited about our growth and Nick's growing career here at Omega Manufacturing.



Omega Manufacturing Continues to Grow!

In the past few months we have hired two talented machinist and purchased a new Haas Automation VF-4 vertical machining center. The addition of this machine along with the hiring of two talented machinists has expanded our CNC department.

The Haas VF4 increases our machining capacity to 20"x 50" allowing us to machine larger parts for our customers. Buying the VF-4, which is designed and built in the US, of mainly US components, is in line with Omega's goal of fostering American Manufacturing. The Haas VF-4 is a reliable and accurate machine. It has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 30 hp vector Dual- Drive. It produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1,200 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox - and will also run up to 8,100 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum. We have also upgraded our machine with the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System. This top of the line system measures the length and diameter of tools. Its also has a Renishaw probe which can accurately pick up the location and orientation of a work piece as well as performing straight forward CMM measuring. We are truly excited to utilize our new Haas Automation VF-4 to better serve our customers and help grow American manufacturing.

Welcome Brandon Harrington!
May 2014
We want to welcome Brandon Harrington to Omega! He brings 6 years of machining experience with a degree in Machining Technology from Rowan Cabarrus Community College. He will be running our Mitsubishi wire EDM machines. Brandon is excited about joining us and this new opportunity to work with our growing company.








Omega Manufacturing acquires new EDM Machine
March 2013
Omega Manufacturing recently purchased a new BA-24 Mitsubishi Wire EDM expanding our EDM department to 4 Wire EDM machines in our North Carolina prototyping and precision machining facility.

Wire EDM - Precision Machining - CNC Machining - North Carolina - Georgia, South Carolina - Virginia - Maryland
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